[Can I drink beer with pineapple]_ Draft beer _ same food

[Can I drink beer with pineapple]_ Draft beer _ same food

Pineapple is a common fruit that is picked when it is handed over in spring and summer. Pineapple is rich in water, sweet and sour, and many people like to eat it.

Pineapple can relieve heat and quench thirst and also has a good effect of beauty slimming.

It is a fruit that can be eaten at any attraction, so can I drink beer with pineapple?

In fact, there is no conflict between pineapple and beer, but it is best to drink beer after more than half an hour after eating pineapple.

Benefits of drinking beer after eating pineapple1, hangover pineapple contains a variety of acidic substances and sugars, which has the effect of catabolizing alcohol, and can prevent drunkenness to a certain extent.

2, diuretic pineapple is rich in vitamin C and water content, drinking diuretic after eating pineapple, the role of exhausting excess alcohol.

3. It is better to eat pineapple for half an hour before drinking beer.

Pineapple is rich in acidic substances, and the same food as beer can easily irritate the stomach and intestines, causing physical discomfort. Therefore, it is generally recommended to eat it about half an hour apart.

4. It is advisable to eat about 100 grams of pineapple before drinking beer.

Pineapple is flat and slightly acidic. Although eating pineapple before drinking has the benefit of preventing drunkenness, it is prone to physical discomfort such as acid reflux and reverse teeth. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat more. It is recommended to consume about 100 grams a day.

What pineapple can’t eat with: 1, high protein food.

Pineapple is rich in fruit acid, and protein easily precipitates when it encounters acid, resulting in indigestion.

Common high-protein foods are: milk, eggs.

2, foods containing vitamin C decomposition enzymes.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, and it can be eaten with foods that can supplement vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which can easily reduce the nutritional value of food.

Common foods are: white radish, cucumber and so on.

Beer can’t be eaten with anything: 1. It is not suitable to drink with carbonated drinks and soft drinks.

Carbonated drinks and soft drinks will react with the wine, which will speed up the body’s absorption of alcohol and make people easily drunk.

2. Smoked food.

When drinking beer, do not use sausage, salted fish, bacon and other smoked foods. These foods contain a large amount of pigments and nitrosamines, which will react with alcohol, almost damage the liver, and damage the oral and esophageal mucosa, and even inducecancer.

3. Seafood.

Drinking beer and seafood together can easily increase blood uric acid levels in the body and cause gout.

4. Liquor.

Liquor is mixed with beer, which is prone to drunkenness.

5. Coffee.

The caffeine contained in coffee has a certain stimulating effect on the body, and eating with beer easily causes tension and irritability.

6, persimmon, durian and other fruits.

Beer is eaten with fruits such as persimmon and durian, which is not conducive to the catabolism of alcohol.