2004 Finals MVP Billups retires, NBA has never seen a big heart _1

2004 Finals MVP Billups retires, NBA has never seen a big heart
On Wednesday, Yahoo Sports revealed a message: Billups, the most valuable player in the 2004 NBA Finals, decided to retire after 17 seasons in the NBA.For a veteran who is about to turn 38 in two weeks, this is probably the best and most helpless choice.  This summer, the Pistons refused to implement Billups’ contract with the team for the second and final year—worth $2.5 million—and Billups became an unrestricted free agent.After training in the summer offseason, the five-time All-Star veteran intends to join the Cavaliers and fight alongside James.He stated that if he is willing to continue, he still has several opportunities.However, in the past three seasons, Billups has missed 185 games due to injuries.In any case, anyone must finally admit: years do not spare others.In the end, Billups chose to retire before his 38th birthday.  Just a matter of time.When it comes, I will know.Billups told a Yahoo Sports reporter that my will and desire are still very strong, but I cannot ignore the fact that I have not been healthy for three years.I can try again and score where I think I can.But this cannot last.When I can no longer play like I used to, I know the time has come.  Just a matter of time.I am very happy and a little excited.Billups emphasized time again.This game has been very very good to me.I feel as if I treat this game with respect the way I play it.  After playing in the NBA for 17 seasons, Billups impressed the fans most when he played for the Pistons in the 2002-08 season.A key goal in the 2004 NBA Finals also earned him Mr.Nickname for Big Shot.In those days, he and Ben Wallace, Hamilton, and Rashid Wallace formed the powerful four giants of the Pistons.And Billups himself also said that his best memories are also in the Pistons.  Before that, my career was in some danger.But I persevered and worked very hard to finally win my chance in Detroit.He said, I will never forget this.After so much experience, it is so happy to win a championship in Detroit.  During his career, Billups averaged 15 points and 5.4 assists, 38 3-pointers7%, with a total score of 15802 points, and was selected to the NBA All-NBA team three times.He sincerely said that he gave all his life to basketball, and it was also because of basketball that he was able to give him the opportunity to go to college.But now I don’t want to risk myself anymore.He shook his head and said that the cost of health is too great.  Billups plans to return to Jiaxing in Denver after retiring and live with his wife and three daughters.As for what he would do after retirement, he didn’t think much about it.I am still quite calm now.He said, I always said that I hope to work in the management of a certain team, or do TV commentary, these are the things I want to do most.But now, I will enjoy taking the time to see how things will develop.(Unbounded) Once, he was a high-profile rookie show, but early in his career he spent in the twists and turns of Boston, Toronto, Denver, and Minnesota; once, he was just an ordinary player with a middle-class contract, butDuring this period, he became the most grassroots MVP in NBA history.  The ups and downs of Billups’ career are the collective epitome of the five Pistons he represents: they don’t have the best basketball talent, but they are all unique; they have been underestimated by the world, but theyIn the finals, they almost swept the Lakers F4; they have never been a top star, but their meeting has made a great history that is difficult to copy.  Now, Billups and two Wallace have chosen to retire, Hamilton has no ball to play, then the only five tigers in the Mega League were Prince still holding on to the Grizzlies.When time rushed by, the steel-bonded tough guys were already wounded, and the brave warriors who never refused to lose had to accept the fact that the old age was declining. However, although the era that belonged to them has long passed, this era they createdBut everyone will remember.(Brown sugar)