BBC striker + Ronaldo + Cross Real Madrid’s strongest team scheduled Super Cup champion _1

BBC striker + J Ronaldo + Cross Real Madrid’s strongest team to book Super Cup champion
Real Madrid’s top priority in recent days is preparing for the European Super Cup on August 12, hoping to wash away the three-game losing streak of the International Champions Cup and start a good start for the new season.As Champions League champions, Real Madrid will not allow any accidents in the face of La Liga midfielder Sevilla.In order to ensure foolproof, Ancelotti is ready to use the Zhenshan magic weapon BBC striker last season, even if Benzema returned to the team on August 5 only one week to recover, even if Ronaldo only appeared in the International Champions League 3 games for 15 minutes.Cross participated in the first official game of the new season for the BBC guns. The players did not need any mobilization.Taking Ronaldo as an example, although he didn’t praise Haikou, he was extremely involved in training, showing his determination to restore his image after the World Cup.After Portugal’s exit on June 26, Ronaldo entered a one-month vacation, but in order to prevent his left knee injury from recurring, apart from the inseparable commercial activities, he spent most of his time training with the help of physical therapist Antonio.In the 15-minute public training on August 8, Cristiano Ronaldo always ran faster than others when performing obstacle runs, and he always ran more than others when performing a 30-meter sprint.  TV reporter Thomas analysis: Ronaldo has been unable to hold back, is preparing to enter the first official game of the new season in good condition.It can be predicted from his confident smile that Ronaldo will not only start in the European Super Cup, but will also have excellent performance.The breakthrough of 51 goals last season may start from these 90 minutes.  The deterrent effect of the BBC was fully demonstrated in the second half of last season.However, behind the powerful attacking team, there must be an ideal midfield combination, which will allow Real Madrid to be in an offensive state for most of the time.With the addition of Cross and Hames Rodriguez, Real Madrid gave the impression that the front midfield is overcrowded, and the combination used in the first game is likely to become the main prototype of the new season.However, certain factors allow Ancelotti to take advantage of newcomers.  The first is that Alonso’s suspension penalty remains unchanged. After Ramos equalized in the UEFA Champions League final last season, he jumped off the stands to embrace his teammates and was suspended by UEFA for one game, which made An Shuai aim at Cross.Ilya Ramendi performed poorly in the US, and Ancelotti believed that Cross was the best candidate to replace Alonso. Recently, he has been opening a small stove for the Germans.During the training, An Shuai kept pointing Cross to the maze to familiarize him with the technical characteristics and playing habits of his companions, and explained to him the essentials of Real Madrid’s 433 midfielder: As a substitute for Alonso, Cross must be replaced by a passing assistPress up for assists.If Isco J Ronaldo chooses one of two, if there is no accident, Modric’s main position will not be affected by the joining of Ronaldo and Cross.But Di Maria’s future is uncertain, leaving Ancelotti in a dilemma in the choice of J Ronaldo and Isco.Paris Saint-Germain believes that Real Madrid’s offer to Di Maria is too high, claiming to be prepared to give up painfully, which may make the Argentine transfer into a protracted war.In order to avoid Di Maria’s injury before the summer window deadline, and to debug the new season lineup, the Anshua considers letting Isco or J Luo replace it.  Isco is the only player in the United States who has played three games except Ilya Lamendi. After his poor performance, he still gave him the opportunity to undoubtedly enhance the confidence of the players.Allegedly, there are Premier League teams ready to invite Isco to join again, because J Ronaldo’s joining will lead to fewer opportunities for him to play.However, Isco has made it clear that he does not intend to leave Real Madrid. Even if he wants to leave, he will at least wait until this season is determined that he will not be reused.  The advantage of letting Ronaldo take the lead is that even if Ronaldo and Benzema are in poor condition, Real Madrid have another scorer.Ancelotti will not forget that it is because only Bell scored in the International Champions League, Real Madrid lost early in a row, the European Super Cup must not repeat this embarrassment.  Once J Ronaldo starts, Real Madrid midfielder will have him and Cross two newcomers, will this affect the team’s understanding?An Shuai emphasized ball control and short passing in recent training. He believes that the talents of players can accelerate the team’s running-in.As the commentator Marcos commented: The World Cup caused Real Madrid’s new and old players not to have enough time to get acquainted with each other, which is a disadvantage of the team’s midfield.But Cross and J Ronaldo are world-class stars, and their level is high enough to turn disadvantages into advantages.Therefore, I am more optimistic about Real Madrid holding up the European Super Cup.  Real Madrid is expected to start (433): Casillas/Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Coentran/Modric, Cross, J Ro/Bell, Benzema, Ronaldo (Reporter Sen)