[How to improve your baby’s IQ]_Recommended diet

[How to improve your baby’s IQ]_Recommended diet

I don’t think there are any parents in this world who don’t want their children to be higher than others, and their brains are smarter than others.

In fact, if you want to do this, pay attention to your diet when your mother is pregnant.

Children’s brain development is a very important foundation for their growth.

So my mother should eat more food during pregnancy?

Eat more peanuts to make your baby stronger. If you can eat more peanuts during pregnancy, this is very rich in calcium supplements, and it can make your baby’s bones grow stronger and stronger. There are still some essential types of human body in peanuts.The amino acid composition can make the development of cells more complete to a certain extent.

Big red dates improve the body’s immunity During pregnancy, you should eat more red dates.

Red dates are rich in vitamins, which can protect the liver.

In addition, there are ingredients that inhibit soybeans in big red dates, whether it is Baoma or babies, can improve the body’s immunity.

Many mothers with active brain nerves in kelp tofu will produce depression and memory loss in some environments, which will also have a certain impact on the baby’s development.

For this phenomenon, pregnant women can eat more kelp, tofu and other foods that substitute vitamin 12, which can make the mother’s brain nerves active and avoid depression.

Sunflower seeds promote baby’s brain development Eating more sunflower seeds during pregnancy can supplement vitamin E, iron and other trace elements and a variety of minerals, which are very nutritious and have a very good auxiliary effect on the baby’s brain development and physical development.

Walnuts and brains Walnuts and brains are alternatives, so expecting mothers to eat more walnuts can promote the baby’s brain development and make the baby smarter.